Paper Shredding Services

Whether you generate just a few pounds or tons of paper a day, we make sure to provide swift, secure paper shredding services in Framingham, MA, for your company. With clients such as Harvard University turning to us after a strict audit, there is no one in the area more dependable and qualified than Data Shredder. We take great pride in leading the industry, always complying with both state and federal regulations for secure document destruction in order to provide the best service possible. Our company is a member of both the National Association of Information Destruction and the North American Shredding Association.

For more than a decade, we have been successfully shredding confidential and otherwise sensitive date for small businesses, large businesses, and even individuals. The businesses we shred documents for includes banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, large medical clinics, doctors’ offices, accounting firms, law firms, educational/research institutions, manufacturers, retailers, individuals as well as government agencies. If you have sensitive information that is stored on a hard drive, we are more than happy to take care of those as well.

The Most Effective Means of Destruction

Shredding paper can be a time-consuming, costly, and extremely difficult job to undertake, especially if you need it done to large quantities in a confidential manner. We are here to make the elimination of your sensitive information as easy and efficient as possible. Let us provide in-office security containers for you to guarantee timely and safe collection, transportation, and destruction of any documents you might have.

When it comes to paper shredding, you can rest assured that our company is destroying your data via a process that meets or exceeds legal and corporate requirements. Once we have your information safely shredded, we issue a Certificate of Destruction, verifying and guaranteeing that your data has been destroyed following the proper regulations.

When you need your sensitive documents taken care of quickly, we are the name to call. We are proud to serve Framingham, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area.