E-Waste Disposal

Data Shredder is dedicated to providing safe, compliant, and R2 RIOS certified e-waste disposal in Framingham, MA. Let us come directly to your organization to completely remove any of your unwanted e-waste, from computers to phones to hard drives. We are proud to serve a wide variety of industries in both the private and public sectors, offering disposal to companies, municipalities, and private individuals. If your computer hard drive has sensitive data, we’ll even dispose of it in such a way that no sensitive information can be recovered.

We are fully NAID AA certified to perform both onsite and offsite e-waste and hard drive destruction services. Our promise to you is that everything we dispose of is recycled if appropriate. So whether you need to recycle TVs, DVD players, or any other electronics, you know you’re helping the environment. We go through the process of disassembling and separating items specifically for recycling or proper disposal if recycling is possible. Any materials deemed hazardous are sent to licensed facilities that are certified to dispose of them.

Rebate Program for Saving You Money

There are many disposal companies that offer free pick up as we do. However, we go beyond what most other companies offer by providing rebates to our clients. Your organization will receive a rebate whenever you turn in old PCs, servers, phones, printers, and other electronics. Our e-waste disposal rebate program benefits companies whether they are charity groups, city governments, or for profit companies.

The Types of E-Waste We Accept

We are happy to take any type of computer and anything that can be plugged into a computer. This includes phones, tablets, e-readers, and even video game systems. It does not matter whether these devices are in working condition or not. We also take printers and copiers, including their ink and toner, scanners, routers, UPS battery backups, batteries of all types, digital cameras, PDAS, and much more. Our company has special means of recycling TVs, including CRT and flat screen monitors.

We are happy to come to your location if you are in the state of Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, or Rhode Island to pick up your electronics and perform the necessary recycling. If needed, we will bring heavy duty cardboard boxes on a pallet for ease of collection.

Do not hesitate to call when you have e-waste taking up space in your home or office. We are proud to serve Framingham, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area.